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Jamaica Villas at Beach House:
Caribbean Castles in the Sand

On the western tip of Jamaica lies the golden coast of Negril, home to the most lavish Jamaica villas. Countless sightseers pursue their dream Negril villa, per annum for the unsurpassed allure of Jamaica's sun, sand, and surf. Savvy travelers head to the most dreamlike Jamaica villa of all Beach House Jamaica Villas.

Our Jamaica villas are unmatched in beauty & serenity, the epitome of exotic euphoria. These luxuriant Negril villas occupy the heart of Negril's world famous 7 Mile beach. Enchanting sunset views, native hospitality, and plush furnished quarters of Beach House Jamaica villas are second to none.Like each deluxe Jamaica villa, we reside directly on Negril's prized white ivory beaches & glistening aqua waters. Beach House Jamaica villas are highly regarded for superior service & spectacular views. Experience breathtaking sunsets painted with glorious bursts of color. Like each original sunset, every Beach House Jamaica villa is a unique masterpiece. These Jamaica villas are designed in different tropical themes. For the classic, hollywood style Negril villa, nothing exudes more glamour than our Ocean suite. If your taste in Jamaica villas run more adventurous, our Jungle House Jamaica villa will satiate your wild side.

But the most coveted asset of our Jamaica villas is PRIVACY-rarely found in a luxury Jamaica villa. Camouflaged by thriving green palms, Beach House Jamaica villas separate you from the rest of civilization. Bask in warm golden rays on Negril's soft pristine beach from your own secluded Jamaica villa. Heat up the night and emblazon eternal vacation memories with no one else in these exclusive Negril villas.

Ignite your most unforgettable desires now, at Beach House Jamaica villas. Memories made at a Beach House Jamaica villa will be treasured for life. Book your Jamaican journey at a Beach House Negril villa and see why no other Jamaica villa can compare to a tropical escape experience like Beach House!

Pick your island escape theme from one our exquisite one-of-a-kind Negril villas: Beach House, Reef House, Jungle House, Garden House and Ocean Suite.
Beach House: Not All-Inclusive, Exclusive Jamaica villas.

Hotels in Jamaica can't compare

Step into paradise when choosing the Beach House for a Caribbean vacation or romantic getaway. Surrounded by the beauty of Negril's golden coast, these premier Jamaica villas for rent offer more than just a breathtaking view. Within the heart of Jamaica's premier 7 mile beaches, lies a luxurious piece of heaven for all to enjoy. Whether your planning a Jamaica wedding or in search of rest and relaxation, as one of the most luxurious hotels in Jamaica, the Beach House can come to the rescue. Our facilities offer plush accommodations, including ocean and sun suites, a penthouse and even apartments and condos beachfront. Rest on the grounds or get active by taking advantage of many outdoor amenities, such as tennis, golf, scuba diving and a variety of watersports. Perfect for family gatherings or weddings in Jamaica, the Beach House's staff will ensure that your stay among Jamaica's beauty will be one to remember. Browse for vivid photos of our accommodations or read our articles for more information. Seeing is believing!

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